7 Viral Tips That Are Actually Killing Your Houseplants. Stop, NOW!

Houseplants are essential. They bring nature into our homes and fill our lives with beauty. I love having them around me.

For the past 3 years, I have consistently gathered houseplants and have built a garden around my home.

There is also a mini-kitchen garden in my house

7 Viral Tips That Are Actually Killing Your Houseplants. Stop, NOW!

As beautiful as houseplants are, you can make certain mistakes to change that reality.

I learnt the hard way after losing almost 30% of my houseplants to crisp, pale leaves, and stunted growth.

7 Viral Tips That Are Actually Killing Your Houseplants

In this article, I will share the 7 important tips that are killing your houseplants. If you are doing one of these, then, you need to stop NOW. 


Let’s get into it.

Trust me! I have been in this situation. In my zeal to see those plants grow and bud, I began to overwater them. During my early years of plant gathering, I was oblivious to the fact that too much water can kill plants. To me, it was the best strategy to see them grow quickly. Well, I was wrong and learned the hard way.

You don’t need to learn the hard way. This article is your plant saver. If you overwater your plants, then, stop NOW

If you use pots without drainage holes, your houseplant will die. You need to check to see if your pot has holes. Sometimes, plant collectors get carried away by the lushness of garden pots and they forget to check if the pots are well perforated enough. 

The holes are essential for proper water circulation and drainage. They are also needed for air circulation

If your pot has no drainage holes, you can make one yourself or buy another one. 

At a certain stage in your plant’s life, it will need a bigger pot. Not doing this will affect the plant’s growth and contribute to its decline and death. Furthermore, repotting too early could also affect the plant’s overall health

Watch out for the plant’s root. Once it begins to shoot out of the drainage holes or push the plant’s leaves high above its current pot, then, it is time for a new and bigger pot. 

While repotting, a common mistake people commit is not using the proper pot size. Years ago, I thought a bigger pot would give the plant room to grow faster.

Well, I was wrong. You need to research more about your houseplant to know if a bigger pot is detrimental or healthy. Some plants will not grow properly in an improper-sized pot. 

Applying too much fertilizer will kill your houseplants. Just like water, you don’t need OVER FERTILIZING to grow your plants faster. Apply the right amount and your plants will be fine.

If you apply too much fertilizer to your houseplants, you need to stop NOW!

When you overexpose your houseplant to direct sunlight, its leaves will crisp. Once this happens, your plant will dry out within a few days.

To prevent this from happening, ensure to not place your houseplants directly under the sun. A mild reflection of the sun is okay for your plant. 

In your bid to reduce the amount of water exposure for your plant, don’t underwater them. Don’t leave your soil dried for too long.

Constantly apply moisture as this allows your plant’s root to drive deep and contributes to the overall health of your plants. 

7 Viral Tips That Are Actually Killing Your Houseplants. Stop, NOW!

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