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Real gardens from real people.

Gardening doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated. You don’t even need a huge backyard. In fact, I started with about 1000 square feet, and it’s been more than enough produce for my little family of 3.

Our purpose at Tiny Garden Habit

Our purpose with Tiny Garden Habit is to document everything we’ve learned and share our mistakes so that, hopefully, you’ll avoid them. Gardening is about a whole lot more than just putting seeds in the ground. Explore this blog and you will learn about:

  • Setting up your raised beds
  • Learning the no-dig method and using your soil
  • Composting, even if it may sound complicated
  • Starting seedlings and always having them ready
  • Caring for plants, watering, weeding
  • Efficient storing in the root cellar

Meet our team

We’re an international team of writers united by the same passion for gardening.

Adriana Sim

Founder, Editor & Gardening Writer

Sarah Collie

Gardening Expert & Writer

Patrick K. Smith

Gardening Expert & Writer

Ciara Konhaus

Certified Gardener & Writer

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