When do Hydrangeas Bloom? 3 Silent Signs It WON'T Bloom

Hydrangeas are beautiful plants. Having them in your garden is one of the ways to beautify your home. When they bloom, it’s almost like paradise. Nobody hates hydrangeas. This is because of its aesthetic looks and qualities. 

On the other hand, when hydrangeas refuse to bloom, your garden is sunken. It’s almost as if a light was snuffed out of your environment. Trust me! You don’t want that to happen.

This is why you should read what I am about to share with you. 

Over the years, there are 3 common but “silent” signs you will get from your hydrangea. Once these signs are there, something needs to be done IMMEDIATELY

These are the signs that it won’t bloom! Something can be done NOW if you choose to act. 


Let’s get straight into it. 

When do Hydrangeas Bloom?

Hydrangeas bloom between late spring to fall.

RegionPrimary Blooming SeasonSecondary Blooming Season (if applicable)
United States
Southern RegionsMay – OctoberYear-round in some areas
Northern RegionsJune – September
Central RegionsMay – September
United Kingdom
General Blooming SeasonJune – September
Early VarietiesMay – June
Late VarietiesSeptember – October

All hydrangea species will produce their flowers within these seasons of the year. How hydrangeas bloom is mostly determined by its species plus the conditions it’s exposed to.

This is why it is important to take care of your hydrangea plant. Properly prune (learn here how to properly prune your hydrangeas) and water it to get the best flowering season.

3 Silent Signs Hydrangeas Will Not Bloom

Have you suddenly noticed a drastic reduction in your hydrangea’s flower bud production? If yes, then it is a sign that the next flowering season will be dry.

Most times, hydrangeas will have no flower buds when they are pruned incorrectly or at the wrong time. This is why it’s important to know WHEN to prune your hydrangea. Be on the lookout for this. 

No flower buds are a silent sign that something is wrong with your hydrangea plant. 

If you live in an extremely cold environment, then, your hydrangea is more exposed to harsh weather conditions than others.

You need to take extra care of it. Most times, when the weather is extremely cold, it can weaken hydrangea’s flower buds, which affects its next flowering season. 

Ensure that your hydrangea plant is well protected during winter. 


If you are an expert in soil health, it will take a while to discover this problem. Most hydrangeas will not bloom because of poor soil conditions. It’s not an evident sign, but it’s one of the most important. 

Ensure to improve your soil quality through regular mulching.

It helps to retain moisture and improves the overall soil structure.


I hope you liked all my tips and I also hope that your plants start to bloom like never before!

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