This Is The Right Way To Propagate Lavender from Cuttings!

Lavender is definitely in the discussion as one of the most popular plants to ever exist! Millions of people around the world try to propagate lavender every year to either bask in its soft purple beauty or use it to relieve pain and inflammation; some succeed, but many others fail.

Countless reasons can contribute to that failure but only one reason will help you succeed – it is if you propagate lavender the right way. 

This article will walk you through the process of propagating a lavender plant from simple cuttings. (Hint: It’s not that simple, so keep reading!)


Well… Before we jump into the actual propagation process, let’s go over some of the things you will need: 

  • A fully mature lavender plant
  • A pot
  • Some potting mix
  • Scissors

Whether you’re using your own lavender plant or your friend’s to collect stem cuttings, keep in mind to always use a fresh and healthy piece.

You don’t want to plant cuttings from a dying or yellowing lavender that clearly looks to be in a rough condition.

Use scissors to make clean cuts just below the leaf node and make sure each stem you cut is at least 5-7 inches long. 

Now that you’ve collected your lavender cuttings, it’s time to actually plant them

Fill up containers with potting soil (preferably a well-draining mix) and place the bottom end of each cutting in the soil using your fingers.

Yes, you’ll have to get your hands dirty for this but, trust me, it’s going to be worth it! Make sure the cuttings are firmly placed and not just flimsily floating on top of the soil. 

Another tip! You can take lavender cuttings and place them in water for 10 to 15 days, until they take root, so the chances of them surviving when you plant them in the soil mix will be greater!


Okay, hear me out…this is my favorite example to give regarding plant care after propagation

Whenever you shave, do you just hop out of the washroom and go about your day like usual? I’m pretty sure nobody does. The shaven area of the skin feels weirdly itchy, dry, and almost like it’s going to tear apart. So, what do you do? You use some aftershave and balm after, right?

After propagation, your cuttings are also in a vulnerable state. So, why not give them some attention? 

Hydrate your newly planted lavender cuttings, get them adequate sunlight and, if needed, cover them with a plastic bag to retain moisture and humidity so that they have an optimal environment to begin rooting. 

Once your lavender roots grow big enough, you’ll eventually have to transfer the rooted cuttings to a larger container or perhaps even your backyard for maximal growth

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So, you’ve finally propagated your first lavender plant; congratulations! Wasn’t that tough, was it? 

Now you can enjoy all the benefits of lavender from the comfort of your home!

Not only will you encounter fewer mosquitoes because of the natural insect-repellent properties of lavender but can also take a quick sniff of the plant during stressful times to get a rapid relaxing effect. Lavender is truly magical; you’re lucky to have propagated one! 

This Is The Right Way To Propagate Lavender from Cuttings!

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