How to Prune Basil To Get A Big Bushy Plant

In this article, I will share a simple strategy I used to transform my basil into a big bushy plant. The common word for it is “pruning”. However, there is an interesting method I use and it works EVERY SINGLE TIME

If you need a failure-proof pruning method for your basil plant, then, read this article till the end. 


Basil is a special plant. A lot of gardeners keep this plant not just for aesthetics but for its medicinal uses. Also, you can use it for cooking, and other important activities.

Because of this, it’s important to take care of basil by pruning it occasionally due to the following reasons:

One of the most important parts of a basil plant is its leaves. You need to have as many leaves on your basil plant as possible.

This can be achieved by pruning. When you prune your basil, the leaf production rate will double.

Because I regularly prune my basil, its stems have grown stronger over time. Therefore, if you notice weak and tender stems in your basil plant, then, pruning is the best, easy, and quick remedial activity for such a problem.

Pruning makes your basil’s stems stronger

Proper air circulation is essential for the development of your basil plant. This is why pruning is important.

Once there is proper air circulation, there is a low probability of fungal disease and other issues that are caused by excess moisture and poor air circulation.

I realized that the flavor quality of my basil leaves dropped when the plant started flowering and pollination. I had to prune it regularly to stop flowering from happening.

This restored the flavor quality of its leaves. This is one of the many reasons why pruning is necessary for your basil.


Follow this simple process to successfully prune your basil. When done rightly, you will be amazed at the sudden growth of your basil plant. 

A lot of people make this mistake. Last week my friend complained bitterly about the “sudden” stunted growth of her basil plant. During our discussion, I realized that she had constantly trimmed the wrong leaves and this affected the growth of her basil plant. 

Be on the lookout for this. 

Don’t take out the big leaves growing at the bottom of your basil plant. I call them the “founding pillars of the whole plant.” These leaves are responsible for the overall growth of the plant. 

The leaves you should trim off are the little ones growing on top of the plant. Doing this allows your plant to create 2 new branches, which creates more room for leaf production

Once you see a part of the plant where tiny leaves are forming underneath a budding stem, that’s the part you should focus on. Slightly cut out that stem. But leave those tiny leaves. 

Eventually, those tiny leaves will create a new stem.

Once you see tiny leaves forming under that stem, it’s time to get your pruning gears again. Within a few weeks or months, you will have achieved a big bushy basil plant.

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