How to Propagate Succulents? They Will Grow Out of Control!

You don’t need to get a new seedling every time you want to plant something new. This is the power of propagation. Making new succulents has just got easier! With my tips and tricks, you can complete the whole process within 2 – 3 hours.


Let’s get into it. 

How to propagate succulents

Whenever I want to propagate a new succulent, the first thing I do is to get my equipment together. Orderliness is powerful. It helps your mind to stay focused on the task at hand, which increases your work speed. 

I learned this from my dad and it has worked for me as well. 

Here is a list of the things you’ll need for successful propagation:

  • A small tray, which has a cover. Metal baking tins are one of my favorite picks for this exercise. 
  • Succulent/cactus soil.
  • A fine spray bottle
  • Healthy adult succulents

Once these items are in place, then, the whole process can begin. 

Before you do this, ensure that the mother plant is healthy. Using leaves from a diseased succulent plant might slow down the propagation process or lead to no results. Also, use leaves from an adult succulent. 

Take leaves from an adult succulent that has grown for 12 months. It’s the best I can recommend. 

Hold the leaf with a pinch of your fingers, and twist it slightly back and forth. It will easily detach from the stem.

Ensure that the stem end of the leaf is intact. Check properly before going ahead with the next step.

This is the next phase. It takes a few days to achieve this. Therefore, patience is key. You need to allow the stem end of your succulent leaves to dry out. 

The callous that forms over the stem end will keep water out of the succulent leaf. With water kept at bay, the leaf will not rot and decay. Additionally, it provides the needed base for new succulent leaves to form. 

This is where your succulent/cactus soil and container come into the scene. Pour the soul into your small tray and use your sprayer to make the soil moist. Don’t overwater it.

Ensure that no dry spot is seen in the soil.

One way to know that the soil is evenly moist is that the tray is slightly heavier than before. 

Carefully arrange the succulent leaves out on the soil. Afterwards, place the tray in a bright and warm place with adequate light. It’s best to not expose the tray to direct sunlight

Once you notice this, then, the propagation process is successful. Sometimes, it takes around 4 – 10 weeks of waiting. This is why patience is needed

After a few days of seeing succulent pups in your starting tray, some will begin to fall off. Take them out of the tray and plant them in succulent soil for their continued growth.

How to Propagate Succulents? They Will Grow Out of Control!

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