Do These 7 Things To Get Your Christmas Cactus Flowering!

The problem most people face when they plant a Christmas cactus is that it often doesn’t flower the way they expected.

Though some may find ways to blame the plant, it ultimately comes down to a few important factors, that are in your control, which determine whether or not the plant will bloom optimally. 

So, How Do You Get Your Christmas Cactus To Begin Flowering?

Well, the process of encouraging a Christmas cactus to flower is both simple and complex.

For starters, a Christmas cactus is not your average plant with typical requirements. Thus, only considering factors like adequate sunlight exposure and hydration won’t be enough. 

Here are some things to consider if your Christmas cactus isn’t flowering:

Yes, you read that absolutely right! Reducing sunlight exposure might be a good idea if your Christmas cactus has trouble blooming properly. It’s not a plant that needs heavy sunlight. Indirect sunlight exposure of 10-12 hours daily is plenty. 

DO NOT ever put your Christmas cactus outside in direct sunlight; otherwise, its leaves will be done for! 

Slightly cooler temperatures will be optimal for maximizing the likelihood of your Christmas cactus blooming. And, no, this doesn’t mean you place the plant in your fridge!

Places and corners in the house that don’t heat up as much are perfect.

If your bedroom doesn’t receive much sunlight and is usually somewhat chilly, place the plant in one corner and let it adjust to those conditions. 

Since the Christmas cactus is a short-day plant, it must receive plenty of indirect natural light in the daytime and complete darkness at night.

Though this cycle may sound strange, it is actually ideal for flowering and promoting efficient bud formation. 

Pruning too often keeps your Christmas cactus in a vulnerable state and hinders recovery.

Therefore, it is advised that you only prune when your plant looks majorly out of shape. Occasionally cleaning up dead stems and maintaining a basic plant aesthetic is usually more than enough. 

Can too little or too much water keep your Christmas cactus from flowering as optimally? Absolutely! 

As I mentioned before, a Christmas cactus isn’t that needy of a plant.

Only water enough to keep the surface of the soil moist and drain any excess from the pot immediately.

When talking about plants like the Christmas cactus, it’s important to keep in mind that they often need specialized fertilizers.

A fertilizer composed of quality nutrients as well as additional phosphorus can come in handy when trying to get a houseplant to bloom. 

The Christmas cactus loves humidity! When trying to get the plant to bloom, it may be a good idea to spray it with some water and cover it with a plastic bag.

This way, moisture will be retained and your Christmas cactus will thrive in the environment that’s most favorable for its flowering. 

Christmas Cactus

Planting a Christmas cactus with all your heart and not seeing it bloom can be…well…heartbreaking to say the least. But, it doesn’t have to stay that way for long.

By implementing the seven tips we discussed in this article, you’ll definitely encourage flowering in your plant to a considerable degree.

Leave the rest to time and God’s will. 

Do These 7 Things To Get Your Christmas Cactus Flowering!

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