When do Sunflowers Bloom? Pay Attention to These 4 Signs

Do you know why I love sunflowers? It’s because of their doggedness. These delicate, but strong plants can thrive under any condition. It’s quite easier for gardeners to deal with sunflowers than with roses. 

However, gardeners could be faced with a “non-blooming sunflower” problem and it can be such a headache – especially when there are no visible reasons for it. 

I went through the same experience some months back BUT also discovered the silent signs your sunflower might have shown you; which you probably ignored. 

Let’s discuss that, shall we?

Read on. 

When do Sunflowers Bloom?

We have 2 broad categories of sunflowers and each category has a unique bloom duration.

Here is a simple table summarizing the bloom cycle of annual and perennial sunflowers:

Type of SunflowerBloom TimeBloom DurationTime to First Bloom
Annual SunflowersMid-summer to early fallLate June to early September70 – 100 days after planting
Perennial SunflowersLate summer into fallJuly to SeptemberSecond year of growth

If you need any further details or another format, please let me know!

These sunflowers bloom from mid-summer to early fall. That’s between late June and early September

After planting them, it takes an average of 70 – 100 days for them to have their first bloom. 

It takes longer for perennial sunflowers to grow and bloom. Unlike annual sunflowers that bloom within their first year of growth, perennial sunflowers bloom in their second year of growth. This is why a lot of people plant annual sunflowers. 

Perennial sunflowers bloom from late summer into fall. This is usually between July and September.

4 Signs That Your Sunflower Will NOT Bloom This Year

If you observe one of these 4 signs, then, there is an 80% probability that your sunflower will not bloom this year. 

Once you notice holes in the leaves of your sunflower plant, it is a sign that your plant might not bloom. Pest infestation stuns the overall growth of plants. Remedy this by applying the necessary pesticides. 

Whenever you visit your garden and find fallen flower buds from your sunflower plant, it’s a problem. This is a silent sign that bloom is not in view this year. Also, if the flower buds refuse to open, it indicates that your sunflower will not bud this year. 

This is mostly caused by environmental stress, inconsistent watering, and pest infestation

Check your sunflower every morning. If you start noticing a slight change in its leaf’s color, then there is a problem lurking in the shadows. Without taking appropriate action, your sunflower will not bloom this year. 

Yellow leaves are mostly caused by a lack of nutrients, which can be dealt with by applying the required fertilizers to both the plant and the soil.

When your sunflower plant refuses to grow as expected, it is a sign of a major problem. This could stop it from blooming in its next flowering season.

When do Sunflowers Bloom? Pay Attention to These 4 Signs

I truly hope that your sunflowers produce the most beautiful flowers ever!

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