These 9 Houseplants are Stupidly Easy to Propagate!

Collecting different types of plants is a stressful exercise. I have gone through every bit of it. The problem of finding the perfect plant for your home is enough mental stress. Well, I found out about propagating and decided to try it out. 

Guess what?

It worked perfectly!!!

From the mother plant, I made new offshoots and have them scattered all over my little kitchen garden. 

Now, before you run off to propagate your houseplant, it is important to note that NOT EVERY HOUSEPLANT can be easily propagated. Don’t damage your growing and beautiful plant.

These 9 Houseplants are Stupidly Easy to Propagate!

Check through the list of these 9 houseplants and select the one you have for propagation. 

Sounds cool?

Then, let’s get into it. 

photos plant

Its botanical name is “Epipremnum Aureum”

This plant is easy to care for. I have tons of it scattered in my mini garden because it makes propagation FUN for me. Several other people have attested to how easy this plant makes the process.

Learn here how to propagate pothos (with images).

Spider Plant
Spider Plant

Its botanical name is “Chlorophytum Comosum”

If you need a dual-purpose houseplant, then this is your best pick. With spider plants, you get to enjoy the beauty of nature plus its air-purifying qualities. 

The downside? It’s quite difficult to propagate compared to other houseplants in this list. But doing it is worth the time and effort. 

Inch Plant
Inch Plant

It’s also known as “Tradescantia”

Inch Plant
Inch Plant

This uniquely shaped plant beautifies your home. Having it around you creates serenity in the atmosphere. 

It’s one of the easiest plants to propagate.

Snake Plant
Snake Plant

This plant is also known as “Sansevieria”

I know much about this plant because I have a couple in my garden. The snake plant is amongst my top-10 list of durable houseplants. It’s almost impossible to kill; and grows under any condition.

The icing on the cake is that this plant is easy to propagate and a good pick for your garden.

Learn here how to propagate snake plant (with images).

Its botanical name is “Aloe barbadensis Milla”

The undisputed health benefits of this plant make it my top-9 pick for propagation. It’s as durable as a snake plant, makes your environment cool, and is easy to propagate. 

Christmas Cactus

Its botanical name is “Schlumbergera”

Make everyday Christmas by surrounding yourself with this unique plant. It’s easy to propagate and a good “houseplant” choice for anyone.

Peace Lily
Peace Lily

Its botanical name is “Spathiphyllum”

The air-purifying properties of this houseplant endear it to me. I love my peace lily plants so much. 

This plant is easy to propagate and graces your home with its unique bloom. 

How to propagate succulents

This is the easiest houseplant to propagate. You need little or no effort to make your succulents propagate. 

By laying your succulent piece on top of the soil, you have created the perfect atmosphere for its growth and bloom.

Sounds easy, right?

Then, try it out today!!!

In explain in this article how to propagate succulents at home!

African Violets

Its botanical name is “Saintpaulia”

This plant can be propagated from a single leaf. Simply cut it out and plant it in moist soil. Keep the soil damp for a few weeks and VIOLA!!!

With African violet, you need to be patient. It takes some time to grow and bud.

These 9 Houseplants are Stupidly Easy to Propagate!

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