Pothos Leaves Turning Yellow? 4 Causes & Solutions! 

Are you overwhelmingly concerned about the way your pothos plant is losing its flare and turning yellow?

Well…it’s definitely something to be concerned about!

This article will talk you through some of the reasons why your pothos leaves are turning yellow and how you can address the problem at its root.

Pothos Leaves Turning Yellow

A plant usually doesn’t turn yellow on its own; it has no incentive to.

Even if you feel like you’re doing everything right, there are always mistakes and miscalculations in the background that may be negatively affecting your plant in some small way. 

These mistakes include: 


Water is essential for a plant’s optimal development. But, overdoing it is unnecessary and could even potentially stunt growth.

There’s only so much water your innocent little pothos can absorb and utilize – the rest just creates a puddle in the pot.

Over time, excessive water can attract rot which might present itself in the form of yellowing leaves

A simple way to combat this is by pulling back on the constant watering even though more water may seem like the only way to save your plant right now. 

Temperature Rise

Having your pothos plant in a pot rather than the ground gives you one major advantage – you can move the plant anywhere. But, that may also be a disadvantage since moving it from one place to another can come with unnecessary temperature stress. 

For example: if you move the plant from your cool air-conditioned room to an open window sill where it’s suddenly exposed to all the sunlight in the world, definitely expect some yellowing in the leaves. 

Water Contamination

Though pretty rare, contaminants in the air can absolutely cause yellowing in a pothos plant. If your plant is exposed to smoke, ash, or other pollutants often, don’t be surprised if some of its leaves begin to turn yellow or brown.

Even tap water with excessive amounts of chlorine and fluoride can trigger yellowing in plants! 

If the issue seems to stem from water, check for unfavorable PH levels and contaminants.

For pollutants in the air, try your best to keep your pothos plant indoors in as much fresh air as possible. 

Natural Aging of Plants

Okay, so…yeah…this one isn’t a mistake but more of an unfortunate reality check.

Aging is real – in both humans and plants. It’s a reality one can’t run away from. In fact, you only run towards it no matter which direction you go. 

It can be a very sentimental realization that your plant has aged; yellow leaves often serve as proof of that process.

There’s nothing you can do about it other than just accept things as they are. 

Healthy plant

Everyone who has ever planted pothos has at least dealt with yellowing leaves once.

For some, the underlying reason may be neglect while others may have overloved and overwatered their plant.

So, even though it may seem like only your plant is suffering, trust me, you’re not alone. With the right changes and measures, there’s no yellowing you can’t reverse! 

Pothos Leaves Turning Yellow? 4 Causes & Solutions!

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