When Do Magnolias Bloom? Save This Bloom Cycle!

Magnolias are perhaps one of the most beautiful trees in the world, second to Wisteria (or “Purple Drapes”, as some might call them) in my humble opinion.

Beauty in trees, however, is obviously subjective since all eyes view the world differently.

For some, a certain kind of tree may bring back nostalgic memories while others may find it to be a source of pain. 


So, different kinds of Magnolia trees bloom at different times throughout the year.

The most popular kind – Magnolia Grandiflora – seems to bloom best between the end of spring and early summer.

Depending on your region, climate type, and growing conditions, however, most Magnolias can be seen in their best form somewhere between February and July. 

LocationBlooming Period
United StatesLate February to June
United KingdomLate February to April
  • In southern regions, some magnolia varieties (like the Southern Magnolia) might start blooming as early as late February.
  • In northern states, blooming may be delayed until April or even early June for certain types.

Well, staying true to the name, Saucer Magnolia trees are actually a hybrid of the Heptapeta and Liliiflora kind and they bloom flowers shaped like little colorful saucers which is pretty cool. 

The blooming period for these Magnolia trees is actually somewhere around mid-March and April

Japanese Magnolia (also known as Liliiflora) has a long history in ancient Chinese medicine. Its flowers and buds are used to treat symptoms of the common cold and even ease dental pains! 

Quite rare to see a magnificent tree that has equally magnificent properties.

In terms of blooming season for the Japanese Magnolia, it’s usually peak spring – close to February or March

Magnolia Virginiana (Sweetbay Magnolia) blooms quite the robust flowers.

Not only is their milky white pearl-like appearance mesmerizing but they also take the lead in the scent department because of their subtle lime-like scent. 

Sweetbay Magnolia trees usually begin to bloom once spring has already passed, making anywhere from May to July a reliable blooming time


As much as everyone longs for Magnolia trees to begin their blooming phase and bless humanity with their enchanting beauty, it’s quite unfortunate that they only bloom once every year, and that too for no more than three weeks. 

Magnolias Bloom? Save This Bloom Cycle!

Quick tip – If your Magnolia tree doesn’t seem to be flowering this year, it may be an indication that you’re not providing it with enough sunlight. They’re quite the needy trees when it comes to sunlight exposure.

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