Whether it’s a cake, ice cream, or a drink, almost everything can use a little bit of strawberry.

It’s a versatile fruit that not only fits sweet items but can be sneaked into savory dishes as well. 

The great thing about strawberries is that they can be grown indoors with minimal effort. In fact, if you have just one strawberry at your disposal, you can grow a whole strawberry plant with just that!


Allow me to teach you how: 

Yeah…we don’t dive into growing strawberries straight away; you need to get your hands on a few things first.

The list includes:

  • A fresh whole strawberry (or a few strawberries) 
  • A container
  • Potting mix
  • A plastic bag

Make sure to choose a strawberry that’s relatively ripe and has many seeds on it.

Just one should suffice but having multiple can get you more seeds, meaning more plants. Also, keep in mind that a well-draining potting mix may be ideal in this case. 

Extracting seeds from your strawberry is extremely simple. Just take a knife and scrape off all the little seeds from the surface of the strawberry.

Make sure to not get any mixed with the fruit flesh or skin though; only the seeds are needed. 

Once you have extracted the seeds, it’s time to grab your container and fill it with potting soil.

Then, sprinkle your strawberry seeds in the soil and moisten the whole thing with some water. You don’t have to flood it; just a slight coating should be enough.

If you wish to make the process quicker and a lot more effective, you can cover your seed container with a plastic bag. This will not only preserve humidity and moisture but also promote seed germination due to the natural greenhouse effect the plastic bag adds. 

However, no matter how efficient you try to make the process, it will still take some time; waiting is the hardest part after all

With adequate light and moisture, it will take the seeds roughly 4-6 weeks to reach the seedling stage.

Development of a few decent leaves means the seedling is ready to be transplanted into garden soil or a bigger pot where it can mature fully and start bearing fruit. 

Frankly speaking, the whole process of growing a strawberry plant from seeds is quite simple and rewarding BUT it takes one hell of a long time. It may take between several months to an entire year before you can see your first actual strawberry hanging down from your plant! 

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So, strawberries – delicious, juicy, versatile, red, and now…home-grown! For people who wish to have a fruit-bearing plant in their homes but are afraid of all the work they’ll need to put in, strawberries are the perfect shortcut! 

No need to propagate anything or leave your house to look for seeds. All you need is just one strawberry, which you probably have lying somewhere in the back of your refrigerator. Go look for it right now and give home-grown strawberries a shot! 

Growing Strawberries Indoors Using A Fresh Strawberry

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