Companion Planting Chart Raised Beds - for Vegetables

It looks like it’s difficult…. What? Find a table with all the vegetables that can be grown in raised beds accompanied by other vegetables (or not).

Considering that I searched, and searched, and searched, and found absolutely nothing, I decided to publish this article very quickly.

I decided to make a table with all the vegetables that can be grown in raised beds together with other vegetables, that is, vegetables that must be planted together to thrive (as well as those that we should avoid planting together).

I truly hope to make your life easier with this table.

Companion Planting Chart Raised Beds - for Vegetables

The table below has all the vegetables that can and cannot be planted together. Keep this table for yourself, saving this PIN in your albums, because it will be very useful to you.

VegetableCompanionsAvoid Planting With
TomatoesBasil, Marigold, Carrots, Onions, GarlicCorn, Potatoes, Cabbage, Fennel
CarrotsPeas, Lettuce, Chives, Rosemary, SageDill, Parsnip
CucumbersBeans, Corn, Peas, SunflowersPotatoes, Aromatic herbs
LettuceCarrots, Radish, Strawberries, CucumberBroccoli, Cabbage, Parsley
PeppersBasil, Onions, Spinach, TomatoesBeans
BeansCorn, Squash, Cucumbers, StrawberriesOnions, Garlic, Fennel
OnionsCarrots, Lettuce, Strawberries, PeppersPeas, Beans
SpinachStrawberries, Radish, Carrots, PeasPotatoes
BroccoliOnions, Celery, Potatoes, DillTomatoes, Strawberries, Beans
RadishLettuce, Peas, Nasturtiums, CucumbersHyssop
PotatoesBeans, Corn, Cabbage, MarigoldTomatoes, Cucumbers, Sunflowers
SquashBeans, Corn, Peas, MarigoldsPotatoes
BasilTomatoes, Peppers, Oregano, MarigoldRue, Sage
CornBeans, Peas, Cucumbers, PumpkinsTomatoes, Celery
GarlicTomatoes, Peppers, Carrots, CeleryBeans, Peas
PeasCarrots, Radishes, Cucumbers, CornOnions, Garlic

Understanding the table is very simple, but I’ll still make a small summary to help you.

  • If you want to plant tomatoes, you must plant basil, carrots, onions and garlic alongside them. You should avoid planting corn, potatoes, fennel and cabbage.
  • If you want to plant carrots, you should plant some peas, lettuce, rosemary and sage together with the carrots. You should avoid planting dill and parsnip together with carrots.
  • If you want to plant onions, you should plant some carrots, lettuce, strawberries and strawberries together with your onions. You should avoid peas and beans.
  • If you want to plant garlic, you should plant some tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and celery together with your garlic. You should avoid planting beans and peas together with garlic.

This table is useful all year round, because it has all the vegetables you might want to grow in raised beds. So, don’t forget to save this pin for later, because it could be very useful throughout the year!

Companion Planting Chart Raised Beds - for Vegetables

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