9 Vegetables That Grow In Pots - Perfect For Indoor

Do you have a fiery passion for gardening but live in an apartment or a small home with no backyard?

Well, fortunately for you, not all plants need that kind of space. In fact, some plants can even bear fruit in small-sized pots! 

9 Vegetables That Grow In Pots - Perfect For Indoor

Below you have all the vegetables that you can start growing indoors right now. These are vegetables that are useful for our daily lives and are not very difficult to grow.

Not only are tomatoes versatile and delicious but growing them is extremely simple! All you need are some tomato seedlings, potting soil, a small container and that’s about it

However, one thing to keep in mind when growing tomatoes in pots is to pick a smaller, more compact tomato variety such as cherry or patio tomatoes as they fruit best in limited growing space.

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In fact, growing peppers indoors is quite easy. They are one of the easiest vegetables to grow. I recommend that you buy the pepper pot already large and use a pot with plenty of soil. Let it get plenty of sunlight, water it regularly and believe me you’ll have lots of peppers!

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Onions are another great option for indoor gardeners.

They can grow very well in limited spaces like small containers or pots and, fortunately, there is more than one way to plant them. All methods (seeds, sets, or transplants) work; you just need to figure out which method works best for you. 

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Yes, spinach – the green concoction that Popeye chugged down his throat for those massive forearms.

With just a few seeds, containers, potting soil mix, and fertilizer, you can grow spinach at home too. It probably won’t get you those gigantic forearms but spinach does taste quite fantastic in soups and salads. 

I’m convinced more people hate lettuce than like it; everyone has their choices. Personally, I can’t tolerate the “leafiness” of it. 

However, if you’re someone who actually likes lettuce, the good news for you is that you can grow some indoors in just a pot. I’d suggest you go with buttercrunch or a red-sail variety since they tend to accommodate limited growing areas best.

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Another classic vegetable that is equally liked and disliked by many – beetroot. I’d love to give my personal opinion on it but it’s just going to start a war. So…yeah…I’ll shut up…

Anyways, beetroot can definitely be grown at home in small containers and pots. However, the trick with this vegetable is choosing the right kind of potting soil as its roots are quite long and spirally and they may get suffocated if the soil is packed too tightly. Loose potting soil is your best friend when planting beetroot bulbs/seedlings in containers. 

The right kind of pea varieties (maestro or little marvel peas) can be grown indoors in containers. They require a tad bit more love and care compared to other vegetables but it’s definitely worth it. 

All you need to worry about when trying to plant peas is keeping the soil moist throughout the day and not letting it dry up, especially during the initial potting period

If you’re a spice lover, the idea of growing chillies in containers at home might sound appealing to you. And, surprisingly, it’s not a lot of work. All you need is a large container, chili seeds/transplants, and some loose potting soil to get things growing.

Although all chili pepper varieties can be potted in containers, certain types like Apache chilies or dwarf jalapenos may accommodate compact spaces more. 

Although eggplants may sound a little too big to be grown in containers, it won’t be an issue if you simply choose a dwarf variety. Slim-jims and fairytale eggplants are perfect for this purpose

All potting methods (seeds and transplants) work as long as you’re patient enough and consistent with either one of them. Fortunately, eggplants don’t call for that much attention. In fact, inconsistent watering may even help you mitigate the chances of root rot since these plants are generally more sensitive to overwatering. 

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It’s good to see so many people interested in growing vegetables at home. In 2024, it needs to be made clear that you don’t need huge backyards and fertile lands to do some gardening of your own.

Even the smallest containers in your pantry can allow you to grow your favorite vegetables without much trouble. 

9 Vegetables That Grow In Pots/Containers - Perfect For Indoor

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