There is nothing more annoying than being disturbed by flies on your patio. Whenever I visit my patio, it’s to relax, read a book or catch up with loved ones. Some months ago, my “refreshing ‘ moments were cut short because of flies. 

Until I discovered these 4 infallible repellents, my problem never got solved. 

It’s been 4 months since I found any fly around my patio – all thanks to these “miracle” insect repellents I stumbled on. 

Read on to find out more about how to get rid of flies outside your patio. 


Below are 5 major causes of flies on your patio you need to know. Taking care of them can help reduce flies drastically. 

Once you constantly leave food and drinks on your patio, expect to invite flies. You will find them around your patio every day.

If there is an uncovered waste bin around your patio, it’s a major cause for the flies you see on your patio. 

Fallen leaves, rotten fruits, and so on can attract flies. If your patio is located in a “garden-like” environment, do your best to keep it free from organic waste. 

Doing this will attract flies to your patio. Even if your environment is clean, it won’t be easy to get rid of flies if your windows and doors are kept open. 

Sometimes, flies will perch around your patio because it’s the perfect season for such to happen. Warm weather conditions are conducive for flies. You will mostly find them on your patio during summer.

Candles against flies
Citronella Candles

Below are 4 powerful repellents that will get rid of flies for you. I’ve tried them all out and their result is 95% perfect. 

This is an effective way of repelling flies. Since they are mostly active in the evening, place a citronella candle or torch around your patio at dusk. This provides ambience for your patio and serves as a repelling agent for flies and other insects

If you can get a commercial fly trap, it’s good enough. However, I mostly use the homemade ones. To make this, you need sugar water, vinegar, or fruit. Place them in a jar that has one end opened. The scent will attract flies – which in turn will be trapped in the jar. 

This is an effective and pleasurable method. It provides instant relief from flies. With an electronic swat, you can easily depopulate the flies in your home – thus eliminating them from your patio. Wave the swat around. Once you hear a “zap” sound, it’s a sign that flying insects have been caught and killed. 

It looks simple, right? However, this works wonders. Since flies are not heavy-duty insects, they can’t stand the strong breeze that comes from a fan.

Stationing a fan opposite your patio will keep flies away.

How to Get Rid of Flies Outside Patio? 4 Infallible Repellents

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