Buying seeds is a deeply personal process. You get to decide how adventurous your next gardening season is going to be. And if you end up buying way more seeds than you need, know this – all gardeners are seed hoarders.

While I can’t tell you what seeds to buy, specifically, you can check this article on the 10 best survival seeds to get, if you need help getting started, particularly during these difficult times.

I don’t know where you’re visiting us from, and our team here at Tiny Garden Habit is already international, so we’ve come up with a few different recommendations depending on your location:

Seed Shops in North America & Canada:

  • Eden Brothers. Eden Brothers have a wonderful selection of seeds – flowers, vegetables, and herbs – with plenty of organic and heirloom options. Obviously, Eden Brothers’ seeds are non-GMO, as they take a firm stance against genetically modified seeds. They have over 50 heirloom tomato varieties – you won’t be tasting bland tomatoes, that’s for sure. If you’re a fan of cut flowers, they have high-quality, rare flower seeds you can explore.

  • West Coast Seeds Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, West Coast Seeds focuses on the home gardener, with over 1000 varieties of non-GMO, organic, and untreated seeds. They also have a fun quiz if you’re undecided about what seeds to buy. If you’re in Canada, this is the seed company for you, and while they do ship to North America, they can’t ship garlic, potatoes, asparagus crowns, bulbs, onion sets, Mason bee cocoons, or nematodes outside of Canada.

  • Baker’s Creek. Baker’s Creek boasts the biggest selection of heirloom seeds in the US. They believe gardeners have the right to save their own seeds, so all the seeds they sell can be safely saved, shared, and traded. Have fun exploring their website!

  • Johnny’s Seeds. Johnny’s Seeds is another popular seed company in the US. You can buy all kinds of seeds from them, from hybrid to heirloom, organic or treated. Whether you’re a hobby gardener or a farm owner, they’ve got seeds for every taste and budget.
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Seed Shops in the UK:

  • D.T. Brown Seeds. D.T.Brown are one of the UK’s leading seed suppliers, selling everything you need for your garden or allotment. They offer a premium selection and their seeds have fantastic germination rates.

  • Suttons. Suttons has been in business for over 200 years. Browse their huge range of products for quality vegetable and flower seeds, perennials, bulbs & plug plants and garden tools.

Seed Shops in Europe:

  • Dutch Garden Seeds. I love that Dutch Garden Seeds offer free delivery all over Europe, for orders over 20 Euros. Every year, I buy quality organic seeds from them thanks to the reliable germination rate I get – and they have my favorite varieties too.

Online Plant Nurseries in the US:

Sometimes starting certain plants from seeds can be unrealistic. I’m talking about tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, herbs, and other plants that take a long time to grow and are, essentially, tropical plants.

But no worries, you can always buy ready-to-transplant seedlings when it’s their season. While getting live plants delivered to you is definitely tricky, you can certainly find options online. If not, visit your local nursery.

Perennials, trees, shrubs and bulbs are usually safe and easy to order online, so no need to leave the house!

  • Clover’s Garden. Visit their Amazon store to browse their collection of live plants – mainly tomatoes, peppers and herbs. The seedlings are high quality and customers are leaving raving reviews. They also have a fun mosquito-repellent garden you can try.

  • Nature Hills Nursery. Nature Hills Nursery is America’s largest online nursery. They offer evergreens, fruit trees, roses, perennials, bushes, bulbs – anything you can think of. Their plants are easy to order and ship, you just have to pick the right time of the year for planting.
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Online Plant Nurseries in the UK:

  • Crocus. What’s special about Crocus is that they offer the biggest variety of plants in the UK – over 5000, far beyond any gardening centre. They’ve grown plants for show gardens and have won numerous medals. Garlic, courgette, rhubarb, plenty of tomato plants – you can find tons of seedlings here when they’re in season!

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