When do Cherry Blossoms Bloom? What to Do if They Don’t Bloom

Cherry blossoms are delicate plants. They beautify people’s environments with their pink and white-coloured flowers. On a larger scale, thousands of people mark the arrival of spring with cherry blossoms.

This makes them important and special

If you have a cherry blossom plant in your home garden, then this article is for you. Cherry blossoms bloom at certain times of the year.

However, there could be exceptions to this. If your cherry blossom doesn’t bloom at the expected time, it could spell doom for your plant

Therefore, read till the end to find out more about what to do if your cherry blossoms refuse to bloom. 

When do Cherry Blossoms Bloom? What to Do if They Don’t Bloom

Generally, cherry blossoms bloom in early spring. However, since there are varying species of cherry blossom trees, the exact dates differ. Let’s look at these species with their possible “expected” date of bloom.

SpeciesBlooming SeasonAdditional Information
Weeping CherryEarly to mid-April
Japanese CherryLate March to early April
Yoshino CherryLate March to early AprilFeatured in cherry blossom festivals in Washington D.C.
Kanzan CherryMid-April to late AprilBlooms later than the Yoshino cherry

This species blooms between early to mid-April.

The flowering season for the Japanese cherry species is between late March and early April. 

You will find this variety in cherry blossom festivals in Washington D.C. Yoshino cherry blooms between late March and early April.

It blooms later than the Yoshino cherry. The Kazan cherry blossom blooms between mid-April and late April. 

Typically, cherry blossoms bloom between late March and late April. 

Cherry Blossoms

When the flowering of your cherry blossom is nearing an end, but your plant is not budding, it calls for concern. Here are a few tips to help you restore your cherry blossoms ahead of the next flowering season. 

Cherry blossoms will bloom better when they are properly pruned. Therefore, if your cherry blossom refuses to bloom when it should, it needs pruning. To prevent this from happening, prune your cherry blossom tree late in winter and avoid heavy pruning in spring and summer. 

Sometimes, cherry blossoms will not bloom due to the presence of pests. Ensure you use an appropriate treatment such as insecticides and fungicides.

If your cherry blossom is still young, it will not bloom. You don’t need to do anything in this scenario. Patience is key. Wait it out. Give room for your blossom to grow to maturity. 

Harsh weather conditions can affect the flowering buds of your blossom tree – especially in cold weather. 

Therefore, when there is an unusually cold season, cover your cherry blossom tree with frost cloth. 

When do Cherry Blossoms Bloom? What to Do if They Don’t Bloom

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