The Accidental Discovery That Vastly Improved My Soil

In all my years of plant collection, I have not found a more important topic to discuss other than soil health. No matter how good your plant is, if you have unhealthy soil, there’s no environment for your plant to thrive. 

Recently, several people have reached out to me with bitter complaints about how expensive it is to maintain good soil health. I was shocked to get such messages because I thought everyone knew about THIS SECRET.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on your soil health. There are simple, easy, and affordable tips on how to vastly improve your soil for plants to thrive in. 

With what I am about to share with you, your soil worries will be over. 

I made an accidental discovery that improved my soil and you can use the same “less expensive” method as well. 

Read on to find out.

Hand with worms

When it comes to improving your soil’s health, a lot of effort goes into this practice. Some call it “blood, sweat and dirt”. Trust me! The whole process can become quite exhausting – except you implement this secret strategy I am about to share with you.

One Saturday afternoon, as I moved past my garden, I couldn’t help but witness the change in my tomato leaves. After conducting several findings, it was discovered that my soil’s health is declining and something must be done SOON.

Well, I am aware of the expensive and time-consuming methods like applying synthetic fertilizers, incorporating drip irrigation, and so on. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough cash to opt for those methods. 

Then, I discussed with my friends who spoke “casually” about WORMS. Yes! You read that right. 

At first, it sounded funny, but I decided to give it a try. 

Thankfully, I noticed some worms playing around my backyard. After collecting and scattering them around my garden, everything changed within a few days. Suddenly, I noticed the bloom in my tomatoes and had one of my best harvest seasons EVER.

This is my secret hack for improved soil health. 

Worms on soil

Let me highlight some of the importance of worms to your soil and plants:

As worms channel through the soil, they improve soil aeration and allow the root of your plant to go deeper into the ground – thus contributing to the huge growth of your crops.

Furthermore, as they release mucus, soil particles are bound together, which improves its structure and prevents erosion.

Worms are known to consume organic matter like dry leaves.

After consumption, their digestive process is a major contributor to soil health and good crop production. Worms’ excreta is essential. It comprises nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and trace minerals, which are responsible for strong plant growth.

If you have sandy soil, by now, you already know that it has poor water retention. However, through the help of worms, this can be taken care of.

Worms’ activities in the soil contribute to the soil’s water-holding capacity.

The presence of worms in your soil eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers. Trust me! Worms are the BEST NATURAL fertilizers you will ever find.

You can’t have TOO MUCH of them

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