Got a small space you’d like to turn into a kitchen garden? You’re in the right place! Our goal at Tiny Garden Habit is to make gardening less intimidating for small yard owners.

Our principles for small space gardening are: no-dig, high intensity gardening and starting your own seedlings, either in a greenhouse or indoors. You can find plenty of tips for beginners on our website, as well as specific articles troubleshooting any problems you might have growing your own veggies.

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But don’t just stop there – we have hundreds of articles to help you on your gardening journey. Don’t be afraid to use the “Search” feature to find the information you’re looking for.

As the gardening season progresses, I like to come back to the blog and check our older posts, just to make sure I’m doing the right things. Our awesome team of writers (yes, myself included) have a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience between us.

Aside from gardening tips, we’re also here to help you choose the best tools – to save you some time and let you know what worked for us!

If I were to choose just a few gardening items I absolutely can’t live without, it would be these:


  • Trimming scissors. I use them for pruning and harvesting all summer long, and they’re super handy. These Teflon Trimming Scissors are extra nice because they don’t rust as easily.
  • Seedling trays. I like to start most of my seedlings indoors, just to get better control of germination and spacing. I like seedling trays that are sturdy and can be reused for years to come.
  • Floating row covers. This affordable fleece fabric has saved my garden from many frosts and hungry birds. I use row covers every spring to keep my seedlings safe and warm.
  • Garden hose. That’s right, I use city water to water my garden! My plants don’t seem to mind, not to mention it’s fast and convenient. This awesome hose and nozzle from Gardena have been with me for 3+ years now, still going strong.
  • Dutch hoe. I actually like pulling weeds, but for those pesky baby weeds I use a dutch hoe – this one from Wolf-Garten is really cool because it comes with a universal handle to use with differrent interchangeable heads. Just a fast sweep on a sunny day, and weeds don’t stand a chance. As a bonus, it makes my topsoil fluffy.

Organic fertilizers:

  • Fish fertilizer. Aside from adding compost to my raised beds, I like to fertilize my plants when they start flowering and producing. This liquid fish fertilizer is one of my personal favorites, I use it every two weeks.
  • Worm tea concentrate. The cool thing with liquid fertilizers is you can dilute them to half-strength and use them on your seedlings too. Worm castings tea is a great way to provide a vast array of nutrients to your plants.

Grow lights:

  • Mars Hydro Grow Lights. I know this is a high ticket item, but I seriously can’t live without my grow lights. They reliably help grow fantastic seedlings both in spring, when it’s too cold to start them outside, and in summer, when they would die from the heat. This is the exact model I’ve been using for several years now.

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