5 Silent Signs Your Tomatoes Are Dying - Solutions!

The thrill of growing tomatoes is an unforgettable experience. Seeing your tomatoes grow from seed to harvest brings a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment. 

However, this feeling can be cut short when you get to your garden and find your tomatoes dead and rotten. 

Has this happened to you before? If yes, then, you are not alone

A few days ago, I went into my garden to harvest some tomatoes. To my unpleasant surprise, most were dead. After speaking to a plant specialist, it became clear that my tomatoes had shown several signs over the past couple of weeks, which I ignored.

Tomatoes with problems

I wrote out a list of these things. But I will share the 5 prominent but silent signs with you. Once you find one or more of these signs around your tomatoes, it’s a clear indication that they are dying. 

Read on to find out more. 

Trust me! If you don’t pay enough attention to your tomatoes, it would be ALMOST impossible to discover their stunted growth. Before the fatal death of my precious tomatoes, they stopped growing for several weeks, which I didn’t notice. 

Now, what causes this stunted growth? It’s purely due to a lack of sunlight. When your tomatoes don’t get enough sunlight, they will dwindle in growth and one of the silent signs is a consistent reduction in their growth pace.

Be on the lookout for this. Once your tomato stops growing, it means death is looming. Expose it to MORE sunlight and it will blossom again.

Have you gone to your tomato garden and found some of the fruits splitting? Then, something is wrong with your tomatoes. This is another prominent but silent sign that your tomatoes are dying. 

I noticed this as well but paid no attention. 

Oh! How ignorant I was!!!

Don’t make the same mistake. Ensure you check your tomato fruits every day. Once you notice a split, it is time to initiate a remedial activity. Most times, what causes fruit splits is incorrect watering. Once you fix that problem, everything will be fine.

Tomatoes with almost no flowers

A lot of people get carried away easily with one or two fruits on their tomato plants. However, THIS could be a sign that your plant is dying. Whenever your tomato plant produces fewer flowers and fewer fruits, something is wrong. 

Averagely, a tomato plant should have 20 – 30 fruits. Once it is less than 10, then your plant has been infested. 

This is largely caused by too much heat or overexposure to harsh temperatures. 

Sick tomatoes

Have you noticed a change in the stem color of your tomato plant? Then, that is an indication of a problem. Whenever your tomato stems become purple, it means your plant is dying. This is mostly caused by nutrient imbalance. 

It’s one of the silent, but clear indications that a remedial activity is required.

You don’t need to wait for the entire leaves to turn yellow before you spot the problem. Once all the leaves turn yellow, it’s a full-blown problem. Every morning, check your tomato garden for any slight difference in the color of the tomato leaves. Once you spot one, it’s an early sign that your plant is dying.

Most times, this is caused by applying fertilizers in excessive quantities

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