Hi, I’m Adriana, and I’m thrilled to have you here!

I garden in a temperate climate, zone 6B, at the base of the beautiful Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania, Romania.

My journey toward gardening has been winding. A couple of years ago, I never would’ve guessed I would become so passionate. My husband and I bought a house and moved to our property not long ago. We built a tiny house on it, and by the time we moved in, the yard and garden were looking like the typical aftermath of a construction site.

How “Tiny Garden Habit” came to be

All winter long, plans for a garden brewed in my mind, and by the spring of 2020, I was ready to take action. Little did I know that a lockdown would soon follow, which, let’s admit, was a great opportunity for gardeners to go all-in on their hobby.

This is how Tiny Garden Habit came to be. It’s fitting: we live in a tiny house, and I garden on a tiny plot of 10 by 15 meters. Our first year was challenging but very rewarding, and I’ve learned and researched so much.

Even though I’m no stranger to gardening, I didn’t enjoy it as much growing up. My parents tilled the ground, and the soil was bare, weedy, and hard in the summer months. The paths got muddy whenever it rained, making any trip to the garden a sticky mess.

When I discovered the raised bed no-dig method, everything I knew about gardening changed. I had finally found an easy, clean, and efficient – not to mention pretty – method for obtaining a large harvest.

Winter is the best time to plan and build your garden. The hard work began in February, as my husband set up the raised beds. We used sawdust for our paths, sowed a new lawn, and transformed what used to be a sad yard into a green, bountiful oasis.

By spring, the garden was exploding with new growth but was still a little rough around the edges. I didn’t care, though, my green thumb was happy.

A couple of years have gone by and the garden is unrecognizable. We have a new fence, trellises, plenty of established perennials, berry bushes and grape vines. I love to wow my guests – raised bed gardening isn’t popular here and they say they haven’t seen anything like it.

What you can expect to learn

My purpose with Tiny Garden Habit is to document everything I’ve learned and share my mistakes so that, hopefully, you’ll avoid them. Gardening is about a whole lot more than just putting seeds in the ground. Explore this blog and you will learn about:

  • Setting up your raised beds – what to take into account, sizes, materials, orientation, paths, etc;
  • Making the most of your local soil and how we chose to fill our raised beds;
  • Composting, even if it may sound scary and complicated – I promise you, it’s not;
  • Starting seedlings and always having them ready for succession planting;
  • Caring for plants, watering, weeding, and keeping pests away – and many more gardening practices you need to do every season;
  • Efficient storing in the root cellar for crunchy, fresh root vegetables that will last your for months to come.

Aside from all this valuable information that I’ve gathered, I also want to talk to you about habits – because we are what we repeatedly do. And our garden reflects the work that we repeatedly put into it.

Gardening has a lot to do with mindset. It might feel like solace on some days, while on others, it’s a huge inconvenience. Get ready for that ride, it will be difficult but totally worth it.

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Tiny Garden Habit has come a long way. I moved from being a hobby gardener to a full-time blogger, and now, a YouTuber. I try to update my journey as often as I can, and you can check out a tour of my garden here:

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